My WIP is coming along. I had hit soggy middle. But pushed forward. 😂 My heroine is Lebanese and Irish decent American, with her Lebanese dad married to a Greek woman. Her best friend is Greek, as she is the niece of her dad’s wife, stepmom; and my hero…well, he’s a retired pro hockey player who is Québécois.

In fact as I type on my keyboard on my iPad it keeps switching to French Canada and then to Greek. I hit the little world button in the button. 😂 loose fingers

This is my America. So everything I write has this multicultural aspect. We write what we don’t know we know was always the phrase uttered in writing classes. I think this is true, and I also think we write from our backgrounds. How can we not?
Reading Helen Hoang, Alisha Rai, and Carla de Guzman I was not only lost in the romance story, but in the deep learning of cultures and experiences outside my realms, and I loved it. I hope I can bring this to the writing table. It’s what I’ve been doing in my poetry, without even realizing it many times, and what I’m doing in my WIP now.  I’m excited to see this book finish. It’s always in my mind as if the characters are going about their daily lives until I interject to tell Their stories. They certainly feel real to me.