My WIP is in the homestretch and I just wrote the first sex scene in the book. I had procrastinated this because I didn’t want to sound vulgar, but didn’t want to sound cheesy either. A fine line…I think the key is, stick to what the feel of the characters and book are. If your character wants to be vulgar, then so let him or her or them. Cheesy, in my opinion, is what makes us cringe while reading it as if the scene doesn’t fit with he book or characters,

These pumpkins/gourds and a squirrel…as I’m finishing up my scene revisiting it, this one relentless squirrel keeps coming up to the windows, using our porch furniture as a climbing structure to only be halted by the glass. I stopped writing. I watched. I didn’t grab a pic right away. He or she will be back, I’m sure.